Hypnosis for Teens is Effective

Jul 24, 2014

Hypnosis for Teens

Hypnosis and Teen.  Two words that don’t always come to mind right away.  Hypnosis for teens isn’t something that parents often think of.  It turns out teens respond to hypnosis and hypnotherapy just as an adult would.

I think this misconception comes about because most people think of hypnosis for quitting smoking which is more of an “adult” issue.  The truth is that the hypnotherapy I practice can be used with;

  • chronic pain, which many teens experience
  • anxiety
  • depression

and the myriad other problems facing teens in our society today.

A warning

Hypnosis for teens does bear one important warning.  The issue we are working on must be something that they want to work on.  Hypnosis is not a tool that I can use to “brainwash” teens in to changing their beliefs or behaviors if it isn’t something that they want for themselves.  Sometimes this requires us to talk as a family to determine what the goal of the teens hypnosis sessions should actually be.


Ironically, in my practice I find that teens take to hypnosis and hypnotherapy very quickly.  They often seem to experience benefits even sooner than my adult clients.