A Typical Process of Treatment

Dec 26, 2013

I find that folks are often unsure what to expect from therapy if they’ve never worked with a therapist before.  Additionally all therapists work a little differently so I thought it might be helpful to describe what a typical treatment process might look like.

The first meeting will be scheduled and might take about 60 minutes.  The first session is dedicated to completing some paperwork and to complete some questionnaires to help develop a sense of what areas might be troubling you.  Then we’ll have a few minutes to talk and get your impression of what you would like to focus on what your goals for treatment might be.  Then we’ll find a time for our second meeting.

At the second meeting I will show you a treatment plan that describes what our goals are and how long I expect those to take.  You and I can clarify what those goals mean or change them to more closely match what you need from therapy.  Then we’ll find a schedule to begin working towards our goals.  The treatment plan is not set in stone and it frequently needs to be adjusted but I still find it’s valuable to help us continue making progress.

Following sessions will then usually consist of sessions of meeting and discussing ways to meet your goals.  As appropriate I might also recommend a hypnotherapy session to target a specific objective.  A hypnotherapy session usually needs to be scheduled for 90 minutes to ensure we have time to complete the session.  These meetings might be scheduled for once each week if schedules permit but they could also be every two weeks or spread out to accommodate schedules as needed.

In between sessions I might also recommend that you do some homework.  This might consist of reading a book or article, completing a questionnaire, or listening to an audio recording.  Specifically we will probably end up having you listen to some self hypnosis recordings to help you in your progress.

After about 10 to 12 sessions we should be able to show some progress towards our goals.  At that point we’ll evaluate our treatment plan, evaluate how well we’ve done reaching your goals, and decide how to proceed from there.  At this time you might like to take a break from therapy, but I find that once people experience the power to take control of their minds and their lives, they frequently return to work on additional issues and goals.