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Ian Newlin

Thank You for your interest.  My name is Ian Newlin and I am a Behavioral Health Therapist specializing in the use of clinical hypnosis.

My intention is to provide you with powerful direct healing and insight into the concerns which brought you to this page.

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Purpose of Hypnosis

One of the most powerful tools I use is hypnosis.  I don’t use hypnosis in every situation with every client; I do find that it can provide;

  • Deep insight into the sources of the blocks that are keeping you from growth.
  • Powerful implantation of new habits and beliefs to “reprogram” your brain’s wired in habits and thought patterns.

The best way to begin educating yourself is to consult with me to build a treatment plan.  Through this process I can show you ways that hypnosis will be helpful to you.

  • what your goals will be?
  • how long do I expect it to take?
  • what will it cost to reach my goals?

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Hypnosis is also a powerful tool on it’s own for pain control.  The power of the mind can be harnessed to block or turn down the intensity of pain, whether from an injury, cancer, or a major surgery.  In this format we don’t necessarily go looking for deep sources of the pain, we just need to ease the mind to facilitate healing.  Recovery is faster and safer as you will no longer be as dependent on pain medications.

Specific issues I have experience with include;

  • chronic pain and headaches
  • trauma
  • ptsd
  • cutting
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • suicide
  • bi-polar
  • dissociative identity disorder
  • parenting difficult teens
  • and many others